Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bail Bond
A Bail Bond, also knows as a “surety bond” is a contractual process where a state licensed bail bondsman back by an insurance company guarantees a court payment of the full bail amount if a defendant is released but fails to appear on their scheduled court date.

How Does Bail Work?
During the bail process a bond is issued which is similar to a check. The bail bond is then given to the court and only cashed if the defendant fails to make their court appearance.

How Long Before Someone Can Be Bailed out of Jail?
When a person if arrested they are typically taken to a police station where they are fingerprinted & photographed as part of the arrest process. Bail cannot be arranged until this booking process is complete.

Why Post Bail?
Posting bail allows a defendant to avoid incarceration prior to their court date. This ensures that a defendant doesn’t serve any undue time and that they can adequately prepare and avoid any disruptions in their life pending trial. While under some circumstances it may seem more cost effective to not post bail for a defendant there are other factors that should be considered. When a defendant who has not posted bail appears in court they will do so as an inmate often wearing prison issued clothing & handcuffs. Often this may imply to both judge and jury that the defendant is already guilty or acclimated to the prison system reducing their chances of a successful court outcome. A defendant appearing in court who is free on bail however can do so on their own terms, dictate their own appearance, and minimize chances of undue bias.

Who Can Bail Out?
Unless specifically addressed by the court, anyone can post bail for a defendant.

What is the cost for using a Bail Bondsman?
In the state of Montana, there is a set cost for a bail bond which is no more or no less than 15%. For example, if a bond amount is set at $10,000 the cost (premium) will be $1000.

Is the 10% premium (cost) refundable?
Per Montana State Law, the 10% bail bonds premium is non-refundable.

Are some bail bonds cheaper than others?
Because the bail premium is a fixed percentage set by the state, all bail bonds agents acting in accordance with the law will charge the same amount. In almost all cases where a bail bonds agent offers a reduced rate, that agent is not a licensed bail bondsman or is acting deceptively. For your own protection and the protection of the defendant it is always recommended to avoid these scenarios. Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds will always do our best to work with clients regarding payment options that best suit their needs.

What happens if the defendant misses court?
If a defendant misses a court date a warrant will be issued for their arrest. If a court date was missed because the defendant merely forgot to show, they can typically have their attorney file a motion to squash the warrant.

What is the co-signer responsible for?
A co-signer is a bail bond indemnitor and is fully responsible that the defendant show up to their set court date.

If the defendant misses court what happens to the co-signer?
If the arrest warrant of the defendant for a missed court date is not resolved in a timely manner by their attorney, a bounty hunter will be retained to return the defendant into the courts custody and the cosigner will be responsible for all applicable fees.

Where does Bail Bonds Mr. Bail Montana operate?
Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds is able to assist clients with the Bail process anywhere in Montana. While mobile services as well as personal / face to face client interaction becomes limited for those outside of the Montana Area, Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds is still able to thoroughly perform all functions of the Bond process. Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds is also equip to provide bail by fax or email.

Does Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds charge for mobile or bond delivery service?
NO! Unlike many other Bail Bonds operations, Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds DOES NOT charge our clients extra for mobile services or deliver bonds to jails or courts for our clients.

Can a person secure their own Bail at Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds?
Yes, at Mr. Bail Montana Bail Bonds we do allow clients the opportunity to ‘self bail’ however stricter prerequisites regarding collateral, occupation and ties to the community typically must be met.